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/wah/ - Country Roads Edition

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A thread dedicated to the muse of the abyss, Ninomae Ina'nis

Schedule -

New song dropped -

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hololive wrestling 16 (part 2)
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/asp/ - Aspiring Vtubers and Startups

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What is /asp/?
A thread where we discuss our vtuber aspirations! Where it's agency-based or independent, let's help each other grow and make it as entertainers. Indies are welcome to join, but shill responsibly. Share what knowledge, insights, what works/doesn't work for you. Remember to do your research before providing personally identifying information to companies online!

Do I need an expensive, fully rigged Live2D model to be a vtuber?
No! You can always start out as a pngtuber!

Where can I learn how to Live2D rig avatars?
Check out Brian Tsui's (of Iron Vertex) YouTube channel!

Where can I find artists/riggers?, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

What can I find some good games to stream?

Twitch or Youtube?
Multistream to both.

Stay grounded, stay hopeful.

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Hololive wrestling part 16
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You wake up as your Oshi.

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You're away you're in control of her body for 24 hours, what do you do?
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/gf/ - Girlfriend Thread

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A thread for the discussion of VTubers that provides [Girlfriend Experience].
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>the last thing you do in your life is make a Minecraft map for a vtuber
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