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I can't take anymore blackpills. It's legitimately fucking destroying me. I can't even escape it, everyone is a depressed, suicidal asshole that are eager to drop truth bombs.
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>be me, a girl
>do something that makes me seem approachable to the horny teenagers here
reply to my thread
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does the cute brown tomboy archetype exist in real life or is it purely a fantasy?

if it exists what would you need to do/have to get a gf like this?
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share a picture and a song
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what do you hate the most about men, anonette?
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/r9gay/ - 1364

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Gattsu edition.

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Midnight, June 1

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We swear a binding oath of 10 years of masturbation abstention.
Take the color, lads. Embrace permachastity.
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>go outside with dad's pellet gun this morning
>shoot at squirrels
>fucker's not sighted in
>figured that out from missing all my shots
>sight in gun and kill a squirrel that was in the hedges
>my thirst for squirrel blood is not over
>notice more squirrels hanging about
>one's just standing out in the open
>aim carefully
>didn't aim carefully enough
>instead of getting a clean kill, i paralyze the squirrel from the waist down
>squirrel just starts crawling away at a rather impressive rate from just the front paws
>start following the squirrel out into the yard
>squirrel notices me and frantically tries to get away
>squirrel climbs up a tree, and is probably paralyzed from shock
>spend a solid 3 minutes looking at the squirrel in the eye
>i move slightly and the squirrel starts climbing up the tree
>squirrel somehow moved from that one tree to another in my yard
>squirrel falls down to the ground
>squirrel notices me still lingering about and frantically scurries, legs completely limp
>squirrel hides under a pile of branches
>still holding the pellet gun, i poke at the pile of branches to figure out where the squirrel went
>squirrel is letting out grunts and squeals of agony and fear every time i poke at it with my barrel
>put gun down and equip nearby stop sign stake
>a fine piece of stick technology
>uncover the squirrel from beneath the pile, squirrel is now stuck
>didn't have any pellets nearby,
>naturally the best way to put the squirrel out of its misery is by simply stabbing at it repeatedly with the stake
>stake wasn't sharp enough to pierce it
>stab the squirrel with it anyway
>squirrel is surviving longer than i thought, i'm starting to get tired
>kept beating the squirrel with the stick
>squirrel's noises start to get more pitiful
>squirrel finally succumbs to its mortality and dies
>cover it back up with the sticks

as a sign of respect for the squirrel's strength, i'll make sure to remember this event forever
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