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>Used to go to the internet to take a break from normalfags in the real world
>Now I can't do that anymore because the internet has even more normalfags than the real world
What the fuck do I do? every single day I am fuming with anger because I am forced to interact with normalfags ALL. THE. TIME.
And there's no "bro just visit other places in the internet", I have not found a single place without normalfags, heyuri lainchan wizardchan meguca uboachan etc are ALL filled with normalfags, what do I do? I hate going on the internet now, I always leave it mad or sad because it reminds me about the filth that normalfags are
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ITT technology that never caught on
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Programming Languages

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What's your favorite programming language and why?
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Have you ever gotten lucky purchasing stuff online?

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The only time it happened to me was when i bought a 3400g but got a 3600X instead.
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Kuroba thread

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>Last DEV release on January 5th

/emg/ - Friendly Emacs/Lisp General

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Rust edition

>General Emacs resources (GNU Emacs Manual) (Emacs Wiki) (Big List of Packages)

C-h t (Interactive Tutorial) (GNU Emacs Tour) ((Youtube) General Introduction) ((Youtube) Org Mode) ((Youtube) Advanced Configuration)

>(Self) Documentation
C-h k (Keybinds)
C-h f (Functions)
C-h v (Variables)
C-h i (Assorted Manuals)

>Premade Configs
=Make your own= (Doom Emacs) (Spacemacs (heavy)) (Witchmacs (Basic config with sane defaults)) (Prelude (Basic starter kit))
>Managing Multiple Configs (Profile switcher)

>Reduce Startup Time
use-package defer (Native Compilation, Now in master!)

>Changing Default Keybinds
>Programming resources for Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, Scheme and Clojure:

If there seems to be a bug (or complicated issue), anons may ask you to compose an MWE (minimum working example).
To create an MWE, try the following:
1) start emacs with "emacs -q". This disables your init.
2) try to reproduce your issue with as few settings changed and packages (manually) loaded as possible.
These steps ensure that other anons can replicate your problem if it's something more involved. Sometimes you even find the cause yourself this way, too!

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How often is ∑ (3^x+3^(x+1)) dividable by 2?
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new desktop thread
old one -> >>81580564
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/mpv/ - wm4 is back edition

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/pcbg/ - PC Building General

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Post complete specs including monitor

State budget, region, and monitor specs
List use cases (e.g. gaming, editing, rendering)
Assemble a preliminary parts list:

HTPC/Web Browsing: Athlon 3000G
Mid-range Multicore: i7 10700K, R7 3700X
High-end Multicore: R9 5900X, R9 5950X, i9 10850K
Budget Gaming: i3 10100/F
Mid-range Gaming: i5 10400/F, i5 11400
High-end Gaming: R5 5600X, i5 11600K (Gear 1)

Budget 1080p: Used RX 470/570 4GB
Mid-range 1080p: RTX 2060, RX 5600 XT
High-end 1080p : RTX 3060, RX 5700 XT
Mid-range 1440p: RTX 3060 Ti, RX 6700 XT
High-end 1440p/2160p: RTX 3080

Capacity: 2x8GB or 2x16GB
Speed and CAS Latency: 3200/3600MHz CL16
Beware: Some Intel motherboards (e.g. H410, B460) are limited to lower speeds


Basic Web Browsing: 400-450W
Gaming: 500-850W depending on GPU (aim for 50-75% at load)

OS Drive: NVMe with TLC NAND + DRAM cache



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